Monday, March 16, 2009

This Is Not All I Do...

I swear I don't shop all the time, but lately I feel as though my wardrobe is lacking some color. It' Spring isn't it? That means we need to do a little Spring cleaning and buy a few new warm weather items! Soooo with that said, there is a major Lilly Pulitzer alert! I found this originally $298.00 dress at TjMaxx for $80.00! Perfect!

Ooh, I'm also excited because I received my highly anticipated new book from Amazon, The Grits Guide to Life.
                                                               I'm gonna get straight to reading this! 

And, if your lacking in palm trees in your area, heres some pictures I
took while out. I LOVE palm trees! 
They line the streets almost EVERYWHERE! 

And of course all that shopping makes you hungry for a snack, right?