Wednesday, March 18, 2009

It's Raining, It's Pouring~And Well, You Know the Rest

It's been raining here as of last night. No thunder or lightning, just a steady drizzle. Why is this of any importance? Mostly because we haven't had rain here in like forever! Normally we have a pretty steady hurricane season, which we didn't this past year and now the ground is so dry, it won't absorb the rain, and well now we have a bit of flooding problem in low lying areas. Like right in front of my house! {It's too dark out to take any pictures now.} Just to get from the house to the car I need to put on a cute pair of wellies!
So to be silly, I will make a list of some good things to do when it is raining.

1. Stay in at home
2. Stay in bed
3. Watch a movie
4. Catch up on reading
5. Talk on the phone
6. Start a project
7. Finish a project
8. Write a blog~He, he
9. Surf the web and shop
10. Sort out drawers and old papers
11. Clean out a closet
12. Order dinner in~Chinese anyone?
13. Do some laundry
14. Make some brownies
15. Eat raw cookie dough~No wonder my pants don't fit!
16. Light some candles
17. Catch up on paying bills
18. Be at work~doesn't matter, your inside anyway
19. Do a mani~pedi
20. Make a list of what you're going to do when it's sunny again!
Can you think of more? I'm sure I missed a lot.

No shopping to report today, although I picked up some cute stuff at the J Crew outlet store yesterday!

Kind of a low key post for a low key night. Hope you and yours is well, and I LOVE seeing new followers everyday! Hi everybody!

P.S. Yes, I've gotten over my hissy fit from yesterday...kind of.

                                                           Kiss, Kiss,