Tuesday, March 17, 2009

CAUTION! I'm Self Loathing Right Now

Let me start by saying~ I'm so weak! About 6 months ago after several bouts of a stomach flu, stomach virus and and I truly believe a parasite, I went on a clean living binge. I cut out everything! Sugar, coffee, anything in a package, again~everything. I ate only salads, fruits and...well, that's all. I let loose once a week and had a slice of cheese cake while at Barnes & Noble. My main reason for this "change of life style" was besides cleaning out my system and beating the stomach problems, I pretty much was sick and tired of being sick and tired! And an added benefit was ultimately weight loss. About 30 pounds at that! So, there for my size 13 pants got given away, and size 6's finally returned to my closet. I was able for the first time to by medium size shirts instead of Xl. 

But recently I have been slacking off, big time! And I can't help it! Why has my mojo vanished? I have no desire to pace my self anymore! No control! I've managed to be able to justify Cini~buns at the mall, ice cream after dinner, stopping at Dunkin' Doughnuts in the mornings for a number 1~two doughnuts and an xl coffee {extra cream, extra sugar}. Aahhhh! This is sooo frustrating! And now my clothes are starting to not fit right. {Even though I keep fooling my self, "I'll loose it again." Or the, "I haven't gained that much."} So I keep buying the size 6's, in my denial.  

Ok,~deep breath~ with all that said... my inspiration right now is other bloggers who have posted their recent goals for better living. I've seen a few and hope they keep it up. And I am so going to get the fire under my a%$ again! Starting...tomorrow.

Oh and P.S, Thank you to all my new followers! LOVE you guys!

                                    With much love and Hershey's kisses,