Wednesday, March 18, 2009

It's Raining, It's Pouring~And Well, You Know the Rest

It's been raining here as of last night. No thunder or lightning, just a steady drizzle. Why is this of any importance? Mostly because we haven't had rain here in like forever! Normally we have a pretty steady hurricane season, which we didn't this past year and now the ground is so dry, it won't absorb the rain, and well now we have a bit of flooding problem in low lying areas. Like right in front of my house! {It's too dark out to take any pictures now.} Just to get from the house to the car I need to put on a cute pair of wellies!
So to be silly, I will make a list of some good things to do when it is raining.

1. Stay in at home
2. Stay in bed
3. Watch a movie
4. Catch up on reading
5. Talk on the phone
6. Start a project
7. Finish a project
8. Write a blog~He, he
9. Surf the web and shop
10. Sort out drawers and old papers
11. Clean out a closet
12. Order dinner in~Chinese anyone?
13. Do some laundry
14. Make some brownies
15. Eat raw cookie dough~No wonder my pants don't fit!
16. Light some candles
17. Catch up on paying bills
18. Be at work~doesn't matter, your inside anyway
19. Do a mani~pedi
20. Make a list of what you're going to do when it's sunny again!
Can you think of more? I'm sure I missed a lot.

No shopping to report today, although I picked up some cute stuff at the J Crew outlet store yesterday!

Kind of a low key post for a low key night. Hope you and yours is well, and I LOVE seeing new followers everyday! Hi everybody!

P.S. Yes, I've gotten over my hissy fit from yesterday...kind of.

                                                           Kiss, Kiss,

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

And Just to Add Insult to Injury...

I received my order from the Gap in the mail today. Yeah! And the dress I ordered is too small! What the &%$#!

CAUTION! I'm Self Loathing Right Now

Let me start by saying~ I'm so weak! About 6 months ago after several bouts of a stomach flu, stomach virus and and I truly believe a parasite, I went on a clean living binge. I cut out everything! Sugar, coffee, anything in a package, again~everything. I ate only salads, fruits and...well, that's all. I let loose once a week and had a slice of cheese cake while at Barnes & Noble. My main reason for this "change of life style" was besides cleaning out my system and beating the stomach problems, I pretty much was sick and tired of being sick and tired! And an added benefit was ultimately weight loss. About 30 pounds at that! So, there for my size 13 pants got given away, and size 6's finally returned to my closet. I was able for the first time to by medium size shirts instead of Xl. 

But recently I have been slacking off, big time! And I can't help it! Why has my mojo vanished? I have no desire to pace my self anymore! No control! I've managed to be able to justify Cini~buns at the mall, ice cream after dinner, stopping at Dunkin' Doughnuts in the mornings for a number 1~two doughnuts and an xl coffee {extra cream, extra sugar}. Aahhhh! This is sooo frustrating! And now my clothes are starting to not fit right. {Even though I keep fooling my self, "I'll loose it again." Or the, "I haven't gained that much."} So I keep buying the size 6's, in my denial.  

Ok,~deep breath~ with all that said... my inspiration right now is other bloggers who have posted their recent goals for better living. I've seen a few and hope they keep it up. And I am so going to get the fire under my a%$ again! Starting...tomorrow.

Oh and P.S, Thank you to all my new followers! LOVE you guys!

                                    With much love and Hershey's kisses, 

Monday, March 16, 2009

This Is Not All I Do...

I swear I don't shop all the time, but lately I feel as though my wardrobe is lacking some color. It' Spring isn't it? That means we need to do a little Spring cleaning and buy a few new warm weather items! Soooo with that said, there is a major Lilly Pulitzer alert! I found this originally $298.00 dress at TjMaxx for $80.00! Perfect!

Ooh, I'm also excited because I received my highly anticipated new book from Amazon, The Grits Guide to Life.
                                                               I'm gonna get straight to reading this! 

And, if your lacking in palm trees in your area, heres some pictures I
took while out. I LOVE palm trees! 
They line the streets almost EVERYWHERE! 

And of course all that shopping makes you hungry for a snack, right?

Saturday, March 14, 2009

I haven't blogged YET because...

I spend way too much time checking out all the lovely blogs everyone has! I can only hope I too will reach 100 blogs myself one day. Also, I want to give a shout out to my 4 followers! Nautical by Nature, The Preppy Pink Polka Dot, Suburban Prep and my first follower Paisley & amp ;Pearls.  Hi ladies! 

My hunting excursion, other wise known as shopping, has turned up these little gems from MARSHALLS. The complete set of Kate Spade books! Manners, Occasions and Style. But I'm still on a mission to find the pink and green initial tote bags from Marshalls that Nautical by Nature showed in one of her blogs. The 3 stores in my area DON'T HAVE MY INITIAL! Arrrrrrgh!

I took a few picts of the gorgeous day down here in Fla. They will be on their way next time. Hope everyone's weekend is full of bargains!

                                                           Kiss Kiss,

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


                                   Hope to be up and blogging soon!   
                               Just working on perfecting my layout!